I’ve worked with the leaders in podcasting and audio storytelling to help create hit podcasts that attract large audiences and advertisers

Gimlet Creative

Casting Call - A podcast about what it takes to make a great podcast series in partnership with Squarespace.

I assisted with the production of this reality show style podcast competition including working closely with one of finalists to produce their podcast pilot.

Fortune Favors the Bold - A podcast in partnership with Mastercard.

I produced the episode The Cashless Society: A Live Episode at WNYC’s The Greene Space.

Flipping the Game - The Fight For Equal Footing. A series from Reebok Classic and Gimlet Creative. Hosted by Scottie Beam.

I assisted with concept, planning and production. I produced the episode The 54-11

Why We Eat What We Eat - A podcast for anyone who eats, created in partnership with Blue Apron.

I produced episode I Eat Everything, Except… Nominated for a 2017 James Beard Award.

DTR Season 2 - a podcast created with Tinder about defining relationships in the digital age.

I assisted in the concept creation and production of this podcast about finding love in the digital age.

The Venture - a podcast created with Virgin Atlantic Airlines about pioneering businesses and the people who made them possible.

I produced episodes Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soap: Embracing Eccentricity and The Real World: Disrupting the Status Quo.

Among the Thousand - A long-term project profiling the people who live and work in the Thousand Islands of upstate New York.

PAC-fueled Ads Take Aim At Russell - political reporting on District Assembly race.

Butler Wins Big - political reporting looking into the end of Jeff Graham’s 20-year mayoral tenure.

Pro baseball returns to Watertown - Professional baseball fans in Watertown, N.Y., rejoice. After nearly 20 years, the sport has returned to the city. 

Military Veteran Suicides - A deeper look into how Congress is addressing U.S. Military Veteran suicide rates.


Baltimore’s Trash Wheel Keeps Turning - Baltimore's Inner Harbor is a city landmark teeming with tourists, restaurants and — until recently — floating trash.

Canadian Cracks Down on Boating: U.S. boaters are frustrated by new rules meant to tighten security along the border. Residents along the St. Lawrence River say the rules are complicating their lives and interfering with water fun.


Thousand Islands, Two Tales: Who Really Invented That Dressing?

Thousand Island dressing gets its name from a chain of islands between northern New York and Canada. But two competing stories on who first came up with the creamy pink salad dressing take us back to the turn of the century, when that region along the St. Lawrence River was a summer destination for the rich.