About Me

If you need advice on how to make your podcast sound great, or if your company or production house is looking to launch a new podcast, I can help. I've worked with Refinery29, e-Bay, Tinder, MasterCard, Virgin Atlantic Airlines, Reebok, Blue Apron and Squarespace to create original branded podcasts from the ground up.

I’m a podcast producer and consultant based in New York City.

The podcasts I made while at Gimlet Creative were highly collaborative creations of narrative storytelling. I also brainstormed and executed ideas for multiple ad campaigns across Gimlet editorial shows.

I've reported for NPR member station North Country Public Radio covering the Army, agriculture, development, local politics and snow. There's a lot of it in upstate NY. Before that I worked at NPR on flagship news magazine programs like All Things Considered, Weekend Edition and Morning Edition. I've contributed stories to all kinds of radio programs.

In a past life, I lived in New Orleans where I wrote about food and danced a lot.

I grew up in Miami as a middle child with a Colombian father and an American mom. Sí, hablo español

Email: julia.botero at gmail dot com 
Phone: 504.377.9167

Twitter: @jbott661